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Here, at the Fantasy Bakery, we do our best to use only organic, locally sourced ingredients. We make everything from scratch and bake fresh bread daily. Creating is our job. We love it and hope to inspire you along the way. We currently make a variety of cookies including some gluten-free and vegan options, guiltless black bean brownies (vegan and gluten free), powerpuffs (vegan), 24/7 vitality bites (vegan and gluten free), cupcakes, carrot cake bars, energy bars, mint chocolate brownie bars, vegan pizza crust (so you can make your own tasty pizza), homemade frozen pizzas and a variety of homemade breads including our signature "fantasy bread" includes ingredients like: apples, honey, flaxseed, and sunflower seeds! You are sure to fall in love! Seasonally, we also make pies for the holidays. Special orders are always welcome! From cakes to pies, get yummy and fresh bakery products at our store. For any further questions in this department, please ask for Jon Jon or Michelle. 

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